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Topsoil Manchester, Screened Topsoil Manchester

As a leading supplier of screened topsoil in Manchester we know that when it comes to horticulture, quality really is key!

You simply cannot expect to get quality results unless you are willing to invest in quality materials in the first stages of growth. The most important factor in successful growth, no matter what you are growing, is the soil. Soil provides a supportive sanctuary which begins and maintains the growth process of your chosen crop. In order to grow, plants need a very specific list of nutrients which their roots collect from the soil in order to utilise.

One of the surest ways of getting quality soil is to invest in a form of topsoil known as loam. Loam is not actually a soil of itself and is in fact a mix of the three separate soils listed below;

Silt – A smooth, textured soil which is incredibly nutrient rich.

Sand – Slightly larger particles than silt, sand helps with drainage ensuring consistent water levels.

Clay – Incredibly nutrient rich, clay can be difficult to work with and is best used in a mix such as loam.

The mixture of these three creates loam which is widely regarded to be the most perfectly balanced environment to encourage plant growth.


Screened Top Soil

One of the ways in which we ensure that we provide the best possible screened topsoil in Manchester lies with how we screen our soil. In order to ensure that there are no large stones or deposits in the soil we screen the soil right down to approve 10mm.

By passing the soil through our modern screening machines we also ensure an even consistency to our soil making it far easier to distribute and manage.

20kg Bag’s £1.75 + VAT
Bulk Bag’s £32 + VAT
10 Tonne Loads Supplied Loose £250 + VAT
20 Tonne Loads Supplied Loose £400 + VAT


Border Blend Soil

When it comes to beautiful, colourful borders your soil needs to be the best of the best! As well as screened top soil in Manchester we also provide high quality border blend soil.

This rich, dark soil is crammed with the vital nutrients that border plants need in order to grow. The nutrients in the soil are only part of the requirements; the soil must also be easily workable in order for it to be continually arranged and rearranged.

Our border blend soil is incredibly friable and makes adding and removing new plants or shrubs incredibly easy.

20kg Bag £2 + VAT

Bulk Bag’s £35 + VAT

*We estimate the 1 x Bulk Bag covers approx. 1.5" over a 25m² area*


Price List

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Lindow Lawn Turf also provide a topsoil calculator to help you plan for your garden design or landscape.


Professional Amenity Lawn Seed
Special formulated for Lindow Lawn Turf by
DLF-Trifolium and used to grow our Turf.

Sauvignon (Loloium Perenne) 20%
Cezanne (Festuca Rubra) 20%
Herald (Festuca Rubra) 35%
Musica (Festuca Rubra) 25%
Price (Zero rated VAT)
0.5kg Bag (Covers approx. 20m²) £5
2.5kg Bag (Covers approx. 100m²) £15
20kg Bag (Covers approx. 1000m²) £70

Granular Fertilizer

Containing over 90% water soluble phospharate
which is immediately available to the Turf,
providing a healthy root system for optimum
nutrient uptake.

Spring/Summer Granular Fertilizer mix:
Nitrogen 22%
Phosphate 5%
Potassium 8%
Autumn Granular Fertilizer mix:
Nitrogen 5%
Phosphate 15%
Potassium 30%
5kg Bag (Treats approx. 150m²) £10+VAT
10kg Bag (Treats approx. 300m²) £15+VAT
20kg Bag (Treats approx. 500m²) £20+VAT

Weed &
Feed Plus Mosskiller

A fertilizer for the treatment
of lawns and fine turf.Controls many broad
leaved weeds ans moss.

Total Nitrogen 10%
Total Phosphorous, as pentoxide 4%
Phosphorous, soluble in ammonium nitrate 4%
Potassium as oxide soluble in Water 4%
Iron 3.5%
17.5kg Bag (Treats approx. 500m²) £20+VAT


Lindow Lawn Turf is fine in appearance and hard wearing with excellent all year round colour. The cultivars used ensure a shade tolerant, low maintenance turf with goods disease resistance keeping future maintenance costs to a minimum. Our turf proves very successful for both private and local authority use, where durable turf is required.

1m2 - 200m2 £1.35 per m2 + VAT
201m2 – 599m2 £1.25 per m2 + VAT
600m2 + £1.15 per m2 + VAT

Rock Salt
Hight Quality, low moisture/reside and easy
spreading brown rock salt, which is perfect
for de-icing footpaths, roads and car parks.

25kg Bag's £3 +VAT
Bulk Bag’s £85 +VAT

Provides the perfect sub-base for all driveway and patio projects.
Bulk Bag £30 + VAT

Contractors Bark Mulch
Suitable for borders and paths etc.
Bulk Bag £48 + VAT

Play Bark
British Standard for children’s play areas in schools, nurseries and pubs etc.
Bulk Bag £53 + VAT