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Make the Most of Your Lawn this Autumn

Although the hottest part of the year is now over, there’s still plenty of time to get outside and enjoy your garden before winter arrives. In some ways, autumn is actually the best time of year to use your lawn. During this time of year, the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. What’s more, the pollen count is much lower than during the spring or summer, meaning that you can get out in the garden even if you suffer from allergies. But what autumnal activities can you use your lawn for? We’ve come up with a list of ideas that we think you’ll enjoy.

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How to Repair a Lawn Damaged by Dog Urine

If you have a dog in your household, keeping your lawn looking good can be a challenge. In addition to the damage caused by the claws of dogs playing on the grass, their urine can cause areas of unsightly scorching which might not grow back. The nitrogen contained in dog pee is highly concentrated and it’s that which burns the grass plants and eventually kills them.

So, how do you fix the problem?

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How to Prepare Your Garden for Heavy Rain

With summer now over and this being the UK, you’ll need to start preparing your garden for the odd downpour. Here are our tips on how to take care of your garden during periods of heavy rain.

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How to Give Your Lawn Some TLC

Your lawn will have served you well through the summer months, but may now be looking a little worse for wear. Autumn is an excellent time to give your lawn some TLC before the winter so it survives through to next spring in the best shape possible.

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How to Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

Although September can quite often be far warmer than previous months, it does mean autumn is within reach, which is evident in the changing landscape – and your back garden. It is a time when leaves begin to turn a shade or two darker and many of your beloved plants will begin to yield their seed, but it is not a time to start neglecting your garden.

In fact, September should actually be a period of preparation for the winter that will soon come, so with this in mind, we have put together a list of jobs you should be taking care of in your garden, just in time for autumn.

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